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Thema: Acupuncture in Dermatology

09. bis 11.11.2018 abz präsentiert Dr. med. Radha Thambirajah
CHF 630.00 *

1. The skin – our outer armour
• explaining the skin and its layers in association to the internal organs
• explaining the skin function
• the immune system and the skin
• how hormones affect the skin during different stages of ageing and in illness
• how the smoking and exposure to the sun and other climatic factors affect the skin
• how the diet affects ones skin
• how Acupuncture points/ needling techniques/ extra-ordinary therapies can be used to treat all of these problems

2. skin types
• thin, thick, dry, wet, oily, raised, atrophied, rough, seborrheic , mixed,  hyper pigmented, depigmented
• explaining blood, Yin, Yang and Qi in the context of skin types and skin problems
• What are the symptoms? How does one tonify or improve blood, Yin, Yang and Qi? What are the Lifestyle and dietary factors that could help?

3. Five Elements and the skin
• All elements and their associated organs and climatic factors relate to the skin and affect its well being in different ways. Here we do this study in detail, and most importantly, how we could increase or decrease this influence
- so we could treat:
- heat problems of the skin;  
- wind diseases of the skin;  
- cold affecting the skin;  
- damp affecting the skin

4. lung ascends and descends water
• The role the lung plays in water metabolism, and how problems to ascend or descend water may cause either skin diseases or respiratory illnesses

5. Acupuncture points, special needle techniques and extra-ordinary therapies used in the treatment of dermatological problems
• general points
• special points '
• special treatment techniques including bleeding technique
• extra-ordinary therapies – local needling, moxibustion, plum-blossom tapping, electrical needle stimulation         

6. Discussing skin diseases with differential diagnosis and treatment:
• severe dry skin
• unexplained itching '
• eczema  - wind-heat type and damp-heat type
• acne  - acne vulgaris, prickly heat type acne and acne rosacea
• psoriasis – damp-cold type and damp-heat type
• warts – plantar warts, warts on the dorsum of hand, on the palm
• alopecia – areata or spot baldness, general loss of hair
• excessive sweating – hot sweating, cold sweating, axillary sweating, sweating in hands or feet
• urticaria
• pigmentation problems – vitiligo, hyperpigmentation, age spots
• appearance of spider veins or capillaries
• foot fungal infection, fungal infection anywhere else in the body


Dr. med.  Radha Thambirajah Dozentin: graduated from Shanghai Medical College in 1970. She studied Medicine and specialised in Acupuncture. After her internship in China, she returned to Sri Lanka where she established her practice. She founded the Academy of Chinese Acupuncture in Sri Lanka in 1980, and trained doctors and health professionals all over the world. In 1984, she moved to England following the communal problems in Sri Lanka. She opened the Academy in Berlin, and to date, the Academy has trained over 9000 students worldwide. She lectures acupuncture in Europe for over 20 years. She does regular courses for the ForschungsGruppe Akupunktur in Germany, and is a visiting lecturer for number of teaching organisations in Germany, Switzerland, Greece, Poland and Barcelona. Radha practices in Sutton Coldfield, West Midlands. Her first book, ‘Energetics in Acupuncture’ has been published in German and English. Radha follows the Chinese style of teaching with the ‘hands-on’ method and lot of practice. Courses are lively and interactive. Learning Acupuncture should be fun and enjoyable and create confidence in the learner!

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Dozent Dr. med. Radha Thambirajah
Sprache Englisch

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